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Subjunctive Presentation


Presentations made by Professor Jason. Look and listen to the Subjunctive. Moreover because this is one of the tricky grammatical constructions in the spanish language

Preterite versus Imperfect Presentation


Clear presentation about these two tenses, where it is shown in which context these are to be used and therefore the difference between them.Take a look

Spanish expressions


Like in dutch or english there are ofcourse those typical spanish expressions and I like to use them, because it indeed sounds cool in spanish conversation. I would really recommend this site. More



A nice collection of expressions put in flashcards can be found Byki

Travel and conversation


In another section I collected here some links and texts which I believe you will use it often in daily (spanish)life and at the same time it will serve as a sort of tutorial. More info to be found in my section about travel and conversation in Spain.



Se presenta y describe quë hace a lo largo de una jornada normal.
to show somebody the way -> mostrar a alguien el camino
to show somebody to his room -> llevar a alguien a su habitación
to show somebody round the town -> enseñarle la ciudad a alguien
ha llegado el invierno -> winter has arrived
llegaré pronto -> I'll be there soon
llegar a casa -> to get home
llegar a o hasta -> to last until
¿queda azúcar? -> is there any sugar left?
hemos quedado el lunes -> we've arranged to meet on Monday
quedar bien/mal (con alguien) -> to make a good/bad impression (on somebody)
quedar en que.. -> to agree that..
nos quedan 100 pesos -> we have 100 pesos left
Antonio me da el libro. Antonio geeft het boek aan mij.
Antonio me lo da. Antonio geeft het aan mij.
Te doy la revista. Ik geef jou het tijdschrift.
Te la doy. Ik geef het jou.


Subjunctive Mood: uncertainty and subjectivity

Indicative Mood: certainty and objectivity




Escucsar y ver



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Viaje y comunicación

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